Yingge Old Street

Yingge Old Street, including Wenhua and Jianshanbu roads along with Chongqing Street, contains many historical locations. There are the ancient residences of Wang Yang and Cheng Fa, and there are over 300 ceramics shops. The entrance to the old street is defined by a Fujian-style red brick building that imitates Wenhua Road's century-old Cheng Fa residence along with a set of metal bird sculptures. Each store on the street shares the architectural themes of red bricks and pillars, plus there are ceramic chairs dispersed throughout to underscore the local culture. Meanwhile at the end of the street the wall of Yingge Elementary School includes a large, colorful ceramics pastiche. Each feature shows why Yingge's reputation as a pottery town is well deserved.

If you want a laid-back introduction to ceramics making, look no further than this second-floor workshop on Yingge Old Street.
Fee-based classes cover kneading and throwing, and an appointment is suggested when coming with a large group.
Phone : (02)8677-2547
Hour : 10:00-18:00, Mon.Fri. (call for details)
Tickets : Classes are fee-based

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