MITSUI Outlet Park Linkuo

Located between Taipei and Taoyuan Airport, MITSUI OUTLET PARK LINKOU can be easily accessed by various means of transport. 
Designed with the leisure and holiday resort concept of “SOUTHERN TREASURE FOREST”, this spacious and comfortable center is your 
best choice of traveling, shopping and getting relaxed in Taiwan. 
This brand new and the largest complex shopping and recreational park in northern Taiwan has a holiday resort like spacious space and 
superb collection of boutiques that makes you truly unforgettable. This quality shopping paradise also selected famous restaurants with 
popular delicacies to entertain gourmets’ picky taste buds. In the meantime, this complex Park also provides various and integrated 
complex facilities including VIESHOW Cinemas, The Eslite Spectrum and JASONS Market to fully satisfy your demand for shopping, 
delicacies, entertainment and life. 

Exclusively introduced over ten Japanese gourmet cuisines to 
surprise your taste bud and to make your shopping more fun. 
To add some gourmet elements to your one-day shopping trip, we have not only collected well-known 
brands around the world, but also exclusively introduced over ten Japanese gourmet cuisines. 

Easy to Reach! Close to A9 Linkou Station of Taoyuan International Airport MRT Line 
Located in the center of Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei City center, the park can be reached within 40 minutes by bus or MRT.

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