Taishan/Mingzhi Academy

Starting form the Qing dynasty,Taiwan began building academies that served as local education centers. The first of these in northern Taiwan was Mingzhi Academy, located on today's Section 2 of Mingzhi Road near the Xinsheng Road intersection. It was built from a donation by Hu Zhuo-You, an imperial exam candidate from Yongding in Fujian's Tingzhou. The academy's influence soon grew, but officials decided to move it to Hsinchu and the academy changed names. Today Hu's legacy is honored with a apirit plaque in the academy's main hallway, and the same treatment is given to renowned Confucian scholar Zhu Xi. Also the two side walls have introductions to the academy's historical development and architectural refurbishments. As you leave you can choose to follow the stone path that leads to Yixuekeng Ecological Park, where you can admire the beautiful natural scenery and reflect on the role Mingzhi Academy played in the cultural and educational history of northern Taiwan.

Hour : 08:30-17:30 closed on every first day of month (Call for details)

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